Leadership Dialogues – an invitation

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As a leadership team, we wanted to create an opportunity for other schools to share ideas and expertise, have conversations to challenge, inspire and support. So, on 29th September we are holding Leadership Dialogues from 3.30pm – 6.30pm and inviting other senior leadership teams to join us.

The first conference this year will create an atmosphere of discussion, about the changing climate and our role in it as well as the priorities for the year ahead in our own schools. Through this we can identify areas of expertise and for development to create an ongoing network of support for one another which we plan to revisit throughout the year.

The evening will be split into two sessions, Purpose and Priorities.

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Session 1: Purpose – keynote and open forum.

To explore and debate the moral purpose of education.

The contention is that education needs to engage with questions of content, purpose and relationships. The question answered to the least degree of satisfaction is the question of purpose – what is education for?

Leaders are invited to discuss and debate traditional and current thinking and to present their own ideas of a moral purpose for education for the future of education.

Is it to display virtue and pursue understanding? Is it the search for wisdom and the good life?

Is education an end in itself, to gain qualifications ready for employment, or is it a preliminary stage in life’s journey?

Is it to raise children from who they are to who they might become?

Or crucially is education’s main purpose to help children lead a good life or to help them contribute towards a better society for all – or both?

Session 2: Priorities

To share the load.

In focussed smaller groups, leaders will have the opportunity to share issues and expertise with schools from similar settings in an effort to save reinventing the wheel and begin an ongoing network of support.

This is an exciting opportunity to begin of a dialogue about what matters in education. The evening will be about developing relationships and building support for one another across all secondary phases. Many hands make light work so come along and be part of the change!

You can reserve places for senior leaders here:

For further information contact Kelly Leonard: leonardk@turton.uk.com


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