Year 12 interview the Head

Teacher’s Tips

Each week we will be talking to a different teacher about their favourite things and recommendations. This week we spoke to our Head Teacher, Miss Gorse:

Book:Information is Beautiful’ by David McCandless: “Such a clear and beautiful book packed full of information about the world.”

‘The Art of Happiness’ by The Dalai Lama: “A bible for our times and a constant reminder to live with compassion and tolerance.”

Dish: “Sadly I don’t find the time to engage in much cooking, I tend to prepare food simply rather than create wonderful dishes. I am very good at eating dishes prepared by others though, always very appreciative of good food.”

Show: Electra’ with Kristen Scott Thomas: “Electra is a Greek tragedy by Sophocles, the story is emotive and powerful, psychologically intense and Thomas is mesmerising in her performance of Electra.”

img_1154Sport:Cycling – I love it! I’m not a speed freak, but I love cycling for miles and miles. Being out in the countryside really helps me to relax and clear my mind, as well as give me a sense of well-being. I often go to France and cycle there because their cycle routes are far superior to ours – it’s a great way to see places. I’m 50 this year and I plan to cycle from London to Paris to celebrate.”

Place: Holkham Beach in Norfolk’: “I love the sea and how it forms the land.

This is my favourite beach in the UK, it is so beautiful, wild and unspoilt.”

Daily Activity: ‘Listening’: “Make time for people, really listen to what they have to say, actively listen so that you can respond to them rather than responding with your own agenda. Listening is the greatest gift you can give someone, conveying to them that you value them and have compassion – understanding.”

A Word: ‘Stoic’: “Not in the modern use of the word but stoic from the stoicism school of philosophical thought – act on your principles not your mood or emotions.”

In the next edition, we will hear from Mr Johnson who will give us all the gossip on his American ‘culture’.

By Ross Harwood and Lucy Cartwright


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