Vision and Purpose 3 years on

I began working with my Leadership team 3 years ago this Christmas. Our coming together as a team was a meeting of minds; we are all passionate about the same thing: the power of education to transform life.

We keep our intentions simple: we want to provide the best education possible for our students.

Turton is the place where our passion and purpose come together. We believe our students deserve our very best on a daily basis, the best teaching, the best care, the best education.

Our vocation, and that of all Turton staff, is to transform the lives of our students through education, enabling them to make their mark. We believe that students from the north of Bolton, in the NW of England, can compete and succeed in making the NW area a significant global success.

Proud of our Lancashire roots, our goal is for students to make their mark in the world, keeping one foot rooted firmly in a heritage to be proud of; thus removing any sense of geographical disadvantage.

Education is the vehicle for social justice and a fairer society. Our students will contribute to over-coming the North/South divide, towards a better future for everyone and to an end to discrimination and poverty.

Our shared vision and purpose is the means by which we achieve our intentions, summarised in the diagram below:

vision and purpose

Knowledge, relationships and hard work are what we value.

The Touchstones are how we articulate our values to the students and wider community. They are the six elemental values that we want students to develop and leave Turton with; values that enable them to lead a good life:

Knowledge & wisdom, relatedness, community & belonging, creativity & expression, self-awareness, seeing the good in others.

The Trivium is the philosophy and methodology that forms the bedrock of our curriculum and the three ways of the Trivium – grammar, dialectic and rhetoric – inform pedagogy. The Trivium embodies the pursuit of wisdom from a knowledge-rich foundational curriculum.

The Trivium combines knowledge with hard work to foster learning.

The Triads is our performance development model, combining professional development with accountability. This model of performance development is formed on the principle that suitable collaboration ensures that everyone gets a bit better, year on year. The vision is of teachers as evidence-informed experts, leading the way to school improvement.

The triads is a collaborative process where teachers develop their knowledge and expertise through their professional relationships.

The Hive Switch supports learning by helping students to understand that this is the way we do things around here, making our expectations explicit to sustain a positive learning climate.

The Hive switch is where relationships and hard work combine to inspire learning behaviour. It contains eight elements that every teacher in every classroom commit to, thus provoking a group-related adaptation that creates a cohesive climate for learning at Turton which then enables everyone to be more successful than working independently.

The Hive Switch is a ‘one for all and all for one’ mind-set, similar to that of a team approach where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Three years is an excellent point to pause and reflect. It is enough time to see the extent to which our developments are successful and how much the enacted daily experiences align with our vision and purpose. It is also enough time to gain confidence in the momentum of our work, which, with tweaks along the way, will provide the transport towards an even brighter subsequent three years.



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